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  • LLB & District Music Festival

    Music Festival starts on April 23rd! A tremendous amount of work goes into planning and preparing for this event and the staff & students of Central School would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers for their effort and support!
    Music Festival Weeks: April 23rd – May 9th
    rd & 24th(Speech)
    th, 26th (Piano)
    th, 29th, 30th and May 1st (Choral and Instrumental)
    Music Festival 1
    st Concert: May 7th - Piano
    Music Festival 2
    nd Concert: May 9th
    Please check out the Music Festival website for more details:

  • Active Kids Society Fundraising


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  • Active Kids Society - Buy A Square Campaign

    The Active Kids Society is working hard to raise money to build a new Playground for Central Students when they move to Aurora Middle School for September 2014

    We would like family and friends to help us out by “buying a square” of the “Rubber Matting”

    We need 7000 squares (square feet) to keep our kids safe, and make our playground wheelchair accessible

    “Squares” are $30/each or 4 for $100

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